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Damn that was amazing

Really cool, you used some different art technics I think :D Loved the sick facial expressions. For some reason, Piconjo really reminded me of Kira from Death Note xD But good work mate!


I was just about to sit down and play world of warcraft, now I feel really stupid :b 5 level 80 characters is actually pretty much wasted time now I think about it ._.


This really made me lol, but there was some points that lasted a little too long :D And the graphic could also be better. But I hope to see more of this kinda stuff from you ;)

BananTj responds:


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So I've completed the game, and it was challenging. I think it was original, and what even made it better was your choice of graphics.

I love the concept of everything being letters, because it adds a somewhat surreal tone to the game :) Even though it had a meaning or not storywise, it touched my mind and made me think. Especially at the ending.

Thanks for this, I don't understand why this puzzle has such a low score. Games are not only about the graphics I think.

- Chris


Genious game man, even better than the last one. I just sat and played on normal now, I just can't understand why they begin to panic when I have 5000 infected, so even though no one really was ill, people started to riot and I lost. That's a little lol.

The system of the game flows really nice, and I love tha epic music too. Even the menu screen gives an original picture. Keep the good work up :)


Really nice game, and I love the professior thing in the background too. Just one annoying part (Thus the 9 and not 10) I think that the trap things hittests too early. It's like that you don't even touch them but stand on the edge to get maximum jump height, and then "splat" you are dead without even touching it. But all in all I love this game and the graphics are perfect and unique. Faved

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Easy to listen to. I like the concept of this piece - I could see it be used in scenes/games. Some parts of it reminds me a bit of the original pieces of Minecraft music - neither sad or happy, but rather quite reflective.

I really like the melody and I am happy you uploaded this.

I have to reserve some points for when you get a better recording ;)

Zalix responds:

Thanks, happy you liked it :)

It reminds me of music from both Digimon World and Maplestory! Sounds like lobby music for a game. Very relaxing!

Semaphore responds:

Wuhuuuu Chzz thank you very much for your opinion my man =)

Wow! I am really impressed by your atmosphere. You have some really nice effects going on, especially the reverse effect on the instrument in the start. I love the sound effects at about 2:50 and the instrumental aftermatch! The sound is pretty clear and clean.

The only thing that would've made me appreciate the song more would have been if you had more variation in the electric guitar riff; I would really like if you had some higher notes.

But overall this piece is really relaxing and somewhat emotional, has a great sound, and I'm gonna leave you with 5 stars.

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Agreeing with MattheP

It's very good drawed and stuff, but it lacks how L's eyes really are :D But good move with the hand and legs.

bloominglove responds:


Hiya folks. I am Christopher. I make music with FL studio. Hear it, and enjoy :D

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